I just heard that the Superstar rock opera got cancelled... I saw from one of your recent posts of JC that he's grown a beard. Is he wearing a Hawaiian shirt?! I hope he's okay.

It did indeed get cancelled. A producer or more backed out, I believe.

He did grow a beard over the summer, however about a week ago pictures from a family wedding surfaced with a clean faced JC, so it looks like it’s gone, at least for the moment.

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Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now Tour

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@thejimmyharry: best friends ever

The beard lives!

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*NSYNC & Gloria Estefan Music Of My Heart

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'N Sync: Weird Scenes Inside the Glitter Factory
By Anthony Bozza (March 30, 2000)

The members of ‘N Sync are at their very own Neverland Ranch: the 32,000-square-foot (and growing) lakeside Orlando home of their manager, Johnny Wright, which also serves as the headquarters for his company, the Wright Stuff. The living room is packed with arcade games ranging from Ms. Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat, an old-fashioned Coke machine, a pool table, foosball, two varieties of air hockey (with and without little plastic men) and a sound system bookended by six-foot speakers. Next door, a two-lane bowling alley is under construction in a wing that will also house a dance studio.

Teen-dream décor abounds: a Lucite banister lit from within, a seven-foot glass palm-tree trunk topped by a fern, a dining room dominated by a giant fish tank and a black monolithic running-water sculpture. Outdoors, a sand volleyball court awaits, along with a putting green (with sand trap), a boat and Jet Skis for lake-top frolicking, a basketball court, a tiki bar, a hot tub and a pool with a waterfall. The only thing missing is a ticket booth.

At the moment, though, these diversions are about as important to Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone Jr. and JC Chasez as extra credit is to a graduating senior. The ‘N Sync-ers – who range in age from nineteen to twenty-eight – are gathered in a loose semicircle to listen to final mixes of songs from their second album, No Strings Attached. Wright cues up “Space Cowboy,” a fast-paced party track with a round-‘em-up refrain that goes something like, “ya-ya-yippi, yippi-i, yippi-ay.” As the beat kicks in, the band members begin to gesticulate as if onstage, seeming to work out their moves for the number. Chasez, who splits lead-vocal duties with Timber-lake, fibrillates head to toe as the song kicks into the first chorus. Timberlake, meanwhile, sits and sings his lines softly as he head-bobs along. Bass leans back in a chair, his finger moving up and down as if following a bouncing little white ball. Fatone hunches over, singing to the ground, while Kirkpatrick grooves along abstractly.

The song ends, and Wright breaks out gifts for his wonder boys: platinum and diamond ‘N Sync pendants to commemorate the diamond status – 10 million sold – of ‘N Sync, their debut. A few hoots erupt, and a discussion of the proper chain to hold such a piece ensues. Timberlake looks at his and stands up.

"We are diamond," he says mock-righteously. "Screw all of you. I’m done. Forget this boy-band thing."

For his sake, he’d better be kidding. His next batch of time off is scheduled for sometime in 2001.

Full Article @

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Baby, when you finally get to love somebody
Guess what? It’s gonna be me.

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OK this is a RARE video and when I say a Rare video is because it is. 

Nsync in their first performances when they were not yet known. They sing beautifully I thought She Knew, they are noticeable nervous at first but their voices sound amazing.

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Posting for common courtesy.

You must always reblog when these gifs are on your dash. It’s an *NSYNC fandom rule. You simply do not ignore when JC Chasez makes you want to grope the computer screen.

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July 24, 2001
↳ Celebrity Day

On July 24th, 2001, *NSYNC released their third and final album, Celebrity. Though it sold significantly less than their previous effort, No Strings Attached, it still managed to move 1.8 million units in its first week of sales and ranks right below No Strings Attached for the record of Fastest Selling Album in the US. The album spawned 3 hit singles (“Pop”, “Gone”, and “Girlfriend”) as well as 2 tours (the PopOdyssey and Celebrity Tours) and is notable for having 10 out of its 13 tracks written by group members Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, with the addition of a solitary track penned by founding member Chris Kirkpatrick on foreign editions of the album.

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