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You must always reblog when these gifs are on your dash. It’s an *NSYNC fandom rule. You simply do not ignore when JC Chasez makes you want to grope the computer screen.

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July 24, 2001
↳ Celebrity Day

On July 24th, 2001, *NSYNC released their third and final album, Celebrity. Though it sold significantly less than their previous effort, No Strings Attached, it still managed to move 1.8 million units in its first week of sales and ranks right below No Strings Attached for the record of Fastest Selling Album in the US. The album spawned 3 hit singles (“Pop”, “Gone”, and “Girlfriend”) as well as 2 tours (the PopOdyssey and Celebrity Tours) and is notable for having 10 out of its 13 tracks written by group members Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, with the addition of a solitary track penned by founding member Chris Kirkpatrick on foreign editions of the album.

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Let’s have a flashback Friday this week, no?

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LOL where is your follow button?

Thats a good question. Mel, how about a little help here?

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’90s Boyband Venn DiagramA Scientific Guide to the ‘Big Three’ of ’90s Boybands (x)

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Good Morning JC Girl’s!! #JC #Smile #ILOVEIT ♥_♥

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Bet you pictured yourself dragging JC away didn’t you. Don’t lie you sneaky little minx i see it in your eyes.

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  • Heyy! I don’t know if you notice it from  The Reel *Nsync (part5), well I don’t know but I think after from the photoshoot JC went to take a nap and..
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28 reasons to love JC
15. His curls

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Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this along to 10 of your favorite followers! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  1. Admin Melissa’s personal is puppyfacedbrokenboys
  2. Admin Kim’s personal is canitasteyourlobster
  3. Admin Bethany’s personal is the-real-squishypixie
  4. We all love JC (obviously)
  5. I love the color green.
  6. I’m 16 years younger than JC
  7. I’m a Leo just like JC
  8. I have two dogs
  9. My favorite song of JC’s is Give In To Me
  10. We love all our followers!


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JC Chasez auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club in 1990


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The correct lyrics, everyone.

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Get Me Bodied: NSYNC edition

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